The DJ’s Opinion: Dear @Wale; Your Music Still Matters

So why did you let one list think that it doesn’t? An opinion filled one at that.


For those who don’t know, Complex Mag (which is what I consider comical satire for today’s Hip Hop generation), did a list for what they call the “best 50 albums of 2013”.


For one Wale Folarin, he didn’t make the cut. Now I understand, the first question any fan of music would ask is why? How come Wale didn’t make this list? Who the f*ck works in there for them to not have Wale make this list? I look at those lists the same way I look at anyone elses “list”: it is an OPINION. I remember when he dropped his More About Nothing mixtape he did in 2010, and his opening record, The Problem, he lashed out the exact same way. But it was justified because of his label situation.

“’06 came, had all kind of buzz
And Isaiah say one day your time will come
Then ’09 came, them bad record sales
The silver-lining couldn’t find ’em up on any shelf
I’m in the mirror like “this a product of my skills?”
And I feared that my fans say I failed
It’s just my fate, let me chill, nah flip
My shit was submarine like, under ship
Look at what I’m up against, scrutiny, criticism
Everybody judging off a single I ain’t even pick”

Completely understandable… You had a bad record situation, so this verse, which was motivating by the way, is totally reasonable.

Now as far as bloggers, I respect anyones opinion. People now look at this list they came up with and said “wth kinda shit is that?” But Wale, c’mon son. You JUST gave that said list credibility. The XXL Freshman Cover, Hot97’s “Who’s Got Next?”, The Source’s “Unsigned Hype”, those are things people want to achieve. And if they don’t, they keep working. Maybe for you sir, you think your talent gets overlooked. But the way that phone call went (which is completely hilarious by the way), it makes it seem that you think no one gives a damn about you. Stop letting people get under your skin man. Not everyone will like your art. But you know you’ve done nothing wrong but make people stop believing in you sir.


One more question by the way… You went off on Complex… Why didn’t you call up The GRAMMY’s and snap on them? You said (paraphrasing) that your fans will “see you get a GRAMMY” THIS YEAR. Why not go off on them? I bet those “Album Of The Year” and “Rap Album Of The Year” nominations bother you don’t they. Why not anyone else’s list? You striving for perfection, but you getting pissed over small things like “LISTS”?? Stop… get back to these records bro. You couldn’t have been any type of “civil” snapping over seeing a list. If you make art, which is music, like the folks who make that list did, congratulate em. They worked hard just like you did. I bet if the tables were turned, you wouldn’t give a shit if anyone else made that list. You’d just be glad you did. Your rant to them about telling them to “respect the culture” was useless because lyrical content (which you provided on that album), club knocking records (such as “CLAPPERS” which you also had Juicy J on) and mainstream success (which you also provided on that album) is also looked at as “culture”. You provided all 3 of those aspects in that album, so you can’t say fans of Hip Hop do NOT “respect the culture” when the artists who made that list try to provide their consumers with the same thing for the culture: ART.

You let a list get to you… Just Make Music!

Apollo “living under your skin” Jones

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