Interview: Chatting It Up With @_shoom

Meet Shoom Isaacs! Great radio host with an eccentric vibe and a passion for music, people, and traveling the world. The Brooklyn born phenom talks radio, her mixtape, meeting artists, and plans for her future.
AJ: so tell me… who is shoom and what inspired her to be on radio?
SI: I’m a creative, eclectic being. and radio has always been apart of my life in various ways but it never hit me that it was my calling until recently. I just love sound. I have a great ear for music and I love talking on the mic. So I just really took all the things I was naturally good at and was naturally interested in and made it work for me.
AJ: How did you link up with the Loud Speakers Network? That was the first time I heard your voice btw…
SI: Dope. I knew one of the people who had an active role with the network. At first i used to help out by engineering some of the shows but then I was like wait a second — I’ve always dreamed of doing a show so why not ask if i can start my own. I asked — he said yes and the rest is history.
AJ: In the mix with shoom… You interview a lot of artists… At what point in your show did you say “I CAN do this!”
SI: Oh my. I have to remind myself everyday. But I have to do it. I feel it’s a big part of what I was put on this planet to do. I get discouraged sometimes, but I gotta keep giving myself pep talks.
AJ: You still spittin bars? I heard ya mixtape too…
SI: Not so muich at the moment. Podcast and my job takes up a lot of time and energy. But I do plan on making more music. Sometimes when I’m not doing anything I’ll throw on a beat and I’ll have fun with it but no solid music at the moment, when I do, I want to have the time and energy available so I can give it the proper amount of attention.
AJ: Who are your radio influences?
SI: Couldnt name them if i tried. lol. The radio was always on as background noise growing up. So I guess my brain was storing and picking up things from that. I remember in high school miss jones, star and buckwild, and stretch armstrong were people I actually remember tuning in to on a regular basis.
AJ: True! What’s next for shoom? You puttin compilation albums out? You got khaled cosigns? We walkin red carpets?
SI: HaHa! More episodes of in the mix with shoom. Better guests. Better content. I plan on doing some open mic stuff and events to showcase talent that the show has helped me encounter. I also plan on traveling to check out different music scenes and share that info on the show. I’d like to be recognized internationally. More inspiring people to pursue their dreams/goals. More connecting with artists and picking their brains. More music. More growth. More positivity. This is only the beginning.
For more with Shoom, check her podcast, In The Mix With Shoom, on iHeartRadio.

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