The DJ’s Opinion: Why You Should Never Put R. Kelly On Camera For An Interview

…*takes headphones off*

Well that was an interesting Monday wasn’t it?

Image via Getty Images
Image via Getty Images

Bruh… Between R. Kelly and Steve Harvey, I didn’t know who to laugh at more. Until I saw Kellz on #HuffPostLive…
2 things… (also, shout to the homie Jarris for calling it before anyone else did. This was a sad day in P.R. work. Or then again, a celebratory one. Who knows.)


The cliche saying is to “live your truth so nobody can use your truth against you.” That would seem to make sense. But with R Kelly, that will never ever be the case. Accolades mean nothing when you’re under fire for what you know was wrong. Of course he is the 3 time GRAMMY award winning “Pied Piper.” Of course he’s had classic records all through the 90s and early 2000s. All that is dope. Countless times I’m sure you can remember when it was Mr. Sylvester who brought your family together to sing “Happy People.” R Kelly brought that type of good vybe to your house hold. All that is great.

Now, on to the truth of the matter. Secondly,

The issue of what is completely wrong with R. Kelly is he will never be able to take another interview again. It’s very vital to have a team to “protect your image (wrote that on purpose. Keep reading though).” An image that should help guide you through your day. An image you are trying to uphold and protect for the sake of being represented in a positive light at all times. Seems like an easy task right? Welp… Not here. Until R. Kelly speaks on his marriage that lasted a year with a then 15 year old Aaliyah…or the Sex Tape that he lied about in court…or the child pornography indictment he went to court for in 2002 (he has been acquitted of all 21 charges since 2008), he can make all the music he wants, but he’s visually finished. He can lawyer up and go to war to clear his name all he wants, but he will always have to deal with media and press that will ask him questions that he never answered. You can’t be mad at Huffington Post in this one, they took online questions and the people online (including trolls) roasted him. It didn’t take R. Kelly long before he lost is control and claimed to want a McRib before walking out the studio. So, to his team that had ONE JOB (which was to keep him out of the interview spotlight), let’s be clear on something. Media will not stop asking him about his past when he never gives a clear answer. Even then, him telling the truth publicly can’t turn back the hands of time.

…*slides headphones back on*


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