Ok, so I’m terrible with speaking in 3rd person. To be more blunt, I hate when other artists do it too. So let me speak on me.

I’m from Town ‘N’ Country. A small, yet also big, town in Tampa, FL. I took the jump to pursue this at a young age, but had no direction. I knew I loved music, but I needed a platform to do it. Radio is something I have had a passion for, and I got the push from friends to do it “on my own.” Taking the jump, I bought a soundboard, a DJ controller, and got a shit ton of music from friends in high places. So as a result, I decided to take the vision off auto pilot and finally control this plane. Being inspired by people who are currently doing podcasting, I was hesitant at first, but the goal never changed. I really just want to put people onto good music and interview dope artists and people in entertainment as well.

I’ll appreciate the accolades when they come. Right now, and down the line, I want y’all to know that this journey for me started with the first step…BELIEVING.

I want to inspire change. The watercooler talk at work. The barbershop conversation. The discovery of…anything… That’s what I want to bring to you. With music.